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Description : Menjual segala macam gadget-gadget unik yang jarang dijual di indonesia.
rata2 produk kami diimport dari luar negri dengan kualitas yang berani dibandingkan !!
buat semuanya yang berkunjung kesini jangan takut, toko topgadget ini bisa COD untuk daerah TA dan sekitarnya :)
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Jual Nerf Havok Fire EBF-25

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Posted on : 17 February 2010
Price : Rp. 600.000,-
Viewed : 5758 x
Category : Toys & Hobbies  »  Other
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Jual Nerf Havok Fire EBF-25

Even we, fully grown
gadgeteers, are capable of suffering from an envy syndrome of some
variety. After walking in on our colleague Geoff dressed in a spandex
Hellboy outfit and brandishing a hairdryer whilst making bullet noises,
we decided enough was enough.

So we searched high and low for the
following delight (which we rapidly left on Geoff's desk, wrapped in
glittery paper with pink ribbons of course). You see this product is so
manly, all one needs is to grip its handle and one will instantly feel
a surge of testosterone.

Presenting the N-Strike Havok EBF-25
blaster - an awesome, fully automatic dart cannon. Yes, a cannon. Load
the blaster with fresh batteries and fire at a rate of up to three
darts per second. Watch as the belt feeds automatically through the
blaster, letting the barrage of firepower continue as you battle your
opponent. The piston-powered internal launching system makes it, and
you, an unstoppable force.

And, just in case you feel naked
without it, it also features a single-shot mode which one can switch to
for precision blasting. The removable tripod folds for easy transport -
or of course a quick escape from enemy fire.

So no more donning a posh tux and imagining you're James Bond. With this beauty, it can happen. Believe.


  • Rapid fire belt-fed cannon
  • Fires up to 3 darts per second
  • Single shot mode for precision blasting
  • Removable folding tripod
  • Battery powered re-load


  • Dimensions:
    Height: 36.0cm
    Width: 14.0cm
    Depth: 76.0cm
  • Weight: 4.4Kg
  • Batteries: Requires 6 x D batteries (not included)

PasarDino hanya bertindak sebagai Fasilitator bagi Penjual. PasarDino tidak bertanggung jawab atas tindakan member dalam hubungan mereka pada aktivitas bisnis jual beli yang menggunakan atau menyebarkan informasi di PasarDino. Jika Anda tertarik dengan produk ini, silakan menghubungi penjual dengan fasilitas yang telah disediakan.
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by Evano (August 01, 2014, 05:08 PM) Report Abuse »
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