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Vanguard Camera Shoulder Bag Havana 21 - Blue

Rp 580.000
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Garansi dari Distributor Resmi di Indonesia Selama 1 Tahun
The Havana 21 Shoulder bag will let you manoeuver effortlessly through city streets or stroll down beach side walkways in styleWith easy access to your DSLR or Compact System Camera (CSC), you'll be able to snap a photo at a moment's notice.This versatile pack will hold and protect your gear or you can take out the inner dividers to make it your everyday shoulder bag. Its timeless design is discreet, spacious, and comfortable, allowing you to embrace your leisure time without distraction.The Havana 21 can also take a 7” tabletExternal dimensions are 270 x 145 x 210mm External dimensions are 210 x 105 x 190mm

- Dual Purpose Benefit: Photo Bag or Daily Bag
- Exterior Front Zippered and Back Pockets
- Integrated Storage Pocket for 7" tablet
- Rain Cover for waterproof protection
Vanguard Camera Shoulder Bag Havana 21 - Blue