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Vanguard Camera Bag Pouch LIDO 9 - Navy Blue

Rp 205.000
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The classic LIDO 9 compact case from Vanguard in black has an internal size of 76×130×66mm. The high-quality, durable case has two separate pockets with zipper closure and provides maximum protection and secure storing of your device. You can use the smaller front pocket, for example, to store spare batteries or other small items. With Vanguard, your camera will be protected from all angles from scratches or other damage, and will remain accessible for immediate use.

- Quality Vanguard Compact Camera Case
- The LIDO 9 case has two separate zipped pockets
- Secure fit and maximum protection for your camera
- The camera is protected and accessible for immediate use
- Smaller front pocket for replacement battery and other small items
Vanguard Camera Bag Pouch LIDO 9 - Navy Blue