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Hitachi Kulkas 2 Pintu - R-V47PGD3 BBK - Brilliant Black

Rp 6.699.000
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Deskripsi Produk :
Garansi Resmi Hitachi Indonesia selama 1 Tahun
Fitur utama dari Hitachi Kulkas 2 Pintu - R-V47PGD3 BBK - Brilliant Black :
Dual Fan Cooling
Super Energy Saving
Powerful Cooling
Stabilizer Free
Cooling Retention 12 hours
Smart Vegetable Compartment
Slide Out Chilled Case
Movable Twist Ice Tray
Bright, Energy Saving LED Light
Tempered Glass Shelves

Compact but high power inverter compressor capable of providing exceptionally powerful cooling by generating a large volume of chilled air, while adjusting cooling power. Also providing efficient low power cooling with microcomputer control, Eco Thermo Sensor.

Dual Fan Cooling
It enables independent cooling of the freezer and refrigerator compartments, something a single fan can't do. Using two fans, it also quickly and effectively circulates the cold air provided by powerful inverter operation.

Super Energy Saving
Controlling how much and to which compartment chilled air is delivered, it assures no wasted energy acquired world top class energy saving ratings.

Powerful Cooling
Even if the ambient temperature reaches as high as 60°C, every corner inside of the refrigerator is still thoroughly cooled.

Stabilizer Free
Cools under wide voltage fluctuation 130V-300V.*

Cooling Retention 12 hours
The high heat insulation performance thanks to VIP even during power cut.

Smart Vegetable Compartment
The framed container enables easy opening and closing even when a lot of items are stored. And indirect cooling maintains the optimum moisture level.

Slide Out Chilled Case
This case is chilled to a temperature of -1°C to preserve the freshness of meat, fish and cheese, and also be used to cool drinks.

Movable Twist Ice Tray
You can move the ice tray for more convenient and efficient use of storage space.

Bright, Energy Saving LED Light
Refrigerator compartment features LED lighting that lasts a long time and consumes much less energy than conventional lamps.

Tempered Glass Shelves
Scratch-proof, heat-resistant and prevent spills, the tempered glass shelves can even hold up to 100kg each.*
*Weight resistance of Tempered Glass.

- Door : 2 Door
- Net Capacity [L] : Total : 395Freezer : 109
- Dimensions [mm] : Width : 680, Height : 1770, Depth without Handle : 720
- Cooling System : Dual Fan Cooling
- Refrigerator Compartment : Slide Out Chilled Case, Tempered Glass Shelves, LED Light
- Vegetable Compartment : Framed Container
- Freezer Compartment : Movable Twist Ice Tray, Tempered Glass Shelf
- General Features : Inverter Control, Electronic Control, Eco Thermo-Sensor, Smart Control Dial, Nano Titanium Filter, Refrigerant : R-600a
Hitachi Kulkas 2 Pintu - R-V47PGD3 BBK - Brilliant Black