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Hitachi Mesin Cuci (Washer) BD-W85AAE - White

Rp 10.500.000     Rp 10.400.000
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Deskripsi Produk :
Garansi Resmi Distributor Indonesia Selama 1 Tahun
Fitur utama dari Hitachi Mesin Cuci (Washer) BD-W85AAE - White :
Auto Self Clean
Tub Clean & Dry Programs
Clean Design
Antibacterial & Antimold
Dual Vibration Control System
4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer
High-Damping Hydraulic Suspension
Big Drum 510
3D Sensor Control Wash
LED Multi Function Display
Under-Counter Installation
Safety Measures that Go One Step Beyond

Auto Self Clean - The Tub Stain Fighter
Every time you do your laundry, the washing machine automatically cleans itself!
So that you can always enjoy washing in a clean tub.
Outside of the stainless steel tub, Inside of the outer tub

Allergy UK Approved 99% Mold & Bacteria Reduction
Clean water at the bottom of the outer tub is pushed up to clean the entire tub.

Tub Clean & Dry Programs - More Way to Keep the Tub Clean
Regularly using two programs located in the control panel together with Auto Self Clean keeps the tub clean. Using special detergent, it removes accumulated dirt and prevents the growth of mold.

Clean Design
Holes for a Cleaner Tub
Inner drum holes are precisely arranged so that water passing through them always uniformly sprays the entire surface of a the outer drum to keep it free of dirt and detergent residue.

Antibacterial & Antimold* Shower Lifter and Gasket
Made with Antimicrobial materials for a cleaner wash.

Dual Vibration Control System
Exceptionally Quiet Operation from Start to Finish

4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer
If the items in the drum become unevenly balanced, liquid inside the 4-Ply chamber moves to the opposite side of the load to offset the imbalance. Making the drum better balanced in this way dramatically reduces vibrations.

High-Damping Hydraulic Suspension
Two oil pressure suspensions, just like the system used in automobiles, support the drum and flexibly change the degree of damping to match the amplitude of vibrations to dramatically reduce them. Support from two suspensions also minimizes the transmission of vibrations to the washing machine casing.

Big Drum 510
Powerful Beat Washing For Big 9.0 / 9.0 kg Loads
The bigger the diameter of a front loading washer drum, the more effectively dirt in fibers is removed. Clothes are lifted up to the top of the large 510mm diameter drum and dropped down to provide a powerful beat washing effect.

3D Sensor Control Wash
The 3D Vibration Sensor, Load Sensor and Revolution Sensor work together to detect the fabric type and washload, and control drum rotation speed to maximize the beat washing effect. The Load Sensor also controls the amount of water used to match the load size.

Intelligent Sensor Systems
Intelligent sensor systems detect load size and fabric type to determine both appropriate washing time and amount of water to use. The result is outstanding washing performance with no wasted energy or water.

LED Multi Function Display
Easy multiple pictographic provide option menu and program indications.

180°Open Door and Large 330mm Diameter Opening
330mmEnables easy loading and unloading of items for extra convenience.

Under-Counter Installation
Neat installation under counter to suit modern kitchen interiors.

Safety Measures that Go One Step Beyond
Adhering to the strict manufacturing and engineering practices, Hitachi is doing everything possible to protect your valued property.

- Capacity : 8.5
- Max. Spin Speed (r/min) : 1200
- Variable Spin Control : 5 steps
- Auto Self Clean
- Allergy UK Approval
- Washing Temperature : Max. 90°C
- Drum Diameter (mm) : 510
- Antibacterial Shower Lifter
- Antibacterial Gasket
- Dual Vibration Control System : 4-Ply Liquid Load Balancerm, Hydraulic Suspensions
- Anti-Vibration Sidewalls
- Intelligent Sensor Systems : Revolution Sensor, Load Sensor, Water Temperature Sensor, Water Level Sensor, Foam Detection Sensor
- No Spin
- Selectable Water Temperature : Cold, 30-90°C
- No. of Washing Programs : 16
- Washing Programs : Cotton, Mix, Daily 45, Rapid 15, Synthetic, Delicate, Outdoor, Duvet, Crease Care, Cotton Eco, Wool*1, Allergy Care, Tub Clean, Rinse & Spin, Spin, Drain
- Optional Menus : Intensive, Prewash, Extra Rinse, Rinse Hold, Memory, Auto Self Clean, Timer
- Self Correction System
- Program Selector : Jog Dial
- Display : LED (Orange)
- Auto Power Off
- Standby Power Zero W
- Fully Auto Restart : Semi
- Child Lock
- 180° Open Door
- Removable Worktop for Under-Counter Installation
- Timer Setting : Up to 24hrs
- Dimensions WxHxD (mm)* : 2600 x 850 x 624
Hitachi Mesin Cuci (Washer) BD-W85AAE - White