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Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Cylinder Cyclone CV-SE230V (2300W) - Orange Metalic

Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Cylinder  Cyclone CV-SE230V (2300W) - Orange Metalic
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Fitur utama dari Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Cylinder Cyclone CV-SE230V (2300W) - Orange Metalic :
Easy Cleaning Anywhere
Dry Mop Head
High Power Cyclone
Easy Dust Disposal
Clean Air with 7-Stage Filtration
User-Friendly Functions and Designs
Large and Tough Design
Quiet Mode
Large Front Handle
Power Control Knob

Easy Cleaning Anywhere – Multiple Cleaning Nozzles
A range of convenient nozzles enable you to clean any part of your house.

Dry Mop Head
Equipped with soft brush at the bottom, this nozzle cleans the hard floor as if wiping with a mop. And you can wash it with water when it gets dirty.
*Dry wiping only.

High Power Cyclone
Dust & Air Centrifugal Separation System
Dust Compression Technology, Long-Lasting Suction Power
Powerful 2300W high power motor creates a strong airflow generated in the tube filter that forms a powerful cyclone and even sucks up fine dust efficiently.

Easy Dust Disposal
Dust, together with the allergens it contains, is compressed by the Dust & Air Centrifugal Separation System. You can dispose of it with one-touch operation using just one hand without coming into contact with it.

Clean Air with 7-Stage Filtration
HEPA & Nano Titanium Filter
The exhaust filter is detachable to enable quick and easy maintenance before you continue vacuum cleaning.

User-Friendly Functions and Designs
Upward Exhaust
Clean air is exhausted in an upward direction.

Large and Tough Design
The body is made durable and large buttons assure easy operation.

Quiet Mode
Offers lower noise operation when you need to vacuum quietly.

Large Front Handle
Lets you easily carry and handle the body.

Power Control Knob
Enables delicate adjustment of suction power.

Large Wheel F160mm
The large wheels assure light, smooth movement.

- Model : CV-SE230V
- Series : Multi Cleaning
- Motor Max. Power [W] (at 240V) : 2300
- Power Control
- Suction Control
- Filter : Nano Titanium, HEPA Clean
- Dust Capacity [L] : 2.0
- Dust Indicator
- 7-Stage Filtration
- Extention Wand : Telescopic (Metal)
- Grip Handle
- Twist-Free Hose
- Tool Holder / Storage
- Hose Stand
- Automatic Cord Reel
- Power Code Length [m] : 5.0
- Accessories : Main Nozzle, Dry Mop Head, Rug/Floor Nozzle, Multi Angle Nozzle&BrushBed Nozzle, Fabric Beat Head, Dusting Brush, Crevice Nozzle
- Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] : 420x282x250
Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner Cylinder Cyclone CV-SE230V (2300W) - Orange Metalic