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Collaboration of Herschel Supply Co. and Disaya
24 April 2018

The first collaboration of Herschel Supply Co. in South East Asia with Thai luxury ready-to-wear women’s brand ‘Disaya’

This collaboration is within the #WellTravelled theme from Herschel that represents traveling, experiencing and discovering new things. Stylishly equipped with attire and accessories that indicate the Individual’s lifestyle, it can be integrated with the main idea of DISAYA Vacationist seamlessly. For Disaya, Vacation doesn’t mean just to take some rests anymore. Vacation is the definition of unlocking your daily life, picking out the pretty outfits that keep you wearing, taking pictures and sharing them.

The print for this collection was inspired by the sun-drenched summer vacation, the smell of the sea, the fresh scent of pineapples and the sound of wind-blowing palm leaves, not forgetting to add unique animal motifs such as hornbills, macaques and flamingos.

This print has been placed on 3 classic women’s styles such as Dawson X-Small, Strand X-Small, and Network Large.

Herschel Supply Co. x Disaya launches on Saturday March 10th, 2018

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