BLOG > Parkland Makes a Big Change to Create Sustainable Bags & Accessories
Parkland Makes a Big Change to Create Sustainable Bags & Accessories
17 May 2018


Parkland, the Vancouver-based design-driven bag and accessory company, has committed to a new sustainable model using 100% recycled plastic bottles. Starting with their Spring 2018 collection, all exterior fabric of Parkland products will be made from recycled polyester material.

Exploration and curiosity are the foundation of Parkland’s playful mantra when designing exceptional products. From the product design to the production processes, Parkland is continuously refining the business and exploring ways to innovate, including the implementation of sustainable fabrics. Without sacrificing quality, recycled polyester uses less energy in production and reduces the waste circulated on the planet. With over a million plastic bottles purchased every minute (Source), it is a natural first step for the company as they continue their efforts of being a more sustainably sound brand for future generations.

Parkland will repurpose millions of recycled water bottles in 2018. Firmly believing that sustainability should not have a premium cost, Parkland will incur a higher production cost to ensure consumer pricing will not increase and that they maintain accessibility and affordability. Remaining dedicated to the quality and lifespan of its products, Parkland will continue to offer a limited-lifetime warranty on all products.

Parkland’s factory partners adhere to international labor, safety and wages standards.  Parkland is very hands on with their manufacturing process and conducts visits and works closely with the factory on new product lines.