BLOG > Hedgren, through PT Yuna Asia, holds image-building workshops for 25th anniversary
Hedgren, through PT Yuna Asia, holds image-building workshops for 25th anniversary
20 August 2018

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Celebrating Hedgren’s 25th anniversary, PT Yuna Asia launched a series of workshops titled, Hedgren Head-Turners. In this event, the brand collaborated with TALKInc. in providing a training on personal branding and overall professional look facilitated by Becky Tumewu, one of the founders of TalkInc.

17 - session
Becky Tumewu of TalkInc.

With over two decades of experience in the communications field as TV presenter, host and emcee, Becky shared her passion in improving Indonesia’s education through communication with a variety of programs such as developing one’s image, total vocal and body language, public speaking, grooming, styling, and many others.


“A head-turner is someone or something interesting that catches the eye, grabs attention, and makes a person’s head turn to look. That someone may be carrying herself/himself confidently or dresses up powerfully, while that something may be a stylish yet very functional bag,” says Ken Co, PT Yuna’s General Manager for Business Development, during his opening speech. “Why become or have one of those when you can be a total head-turner, and this is one of the main objectives of this workshop,” he continues.

01 - opening speech by GM
Ken Co, PT Yuna Asia

A brand presentation with a preview of its limited release 25th anniversary collection by Regina Patricia, Brand Manager of Hedgren Indonesia, followed the opening remarks.


Close to 40 participants attended this event comprised of young professionals, influencers, media, and loyal customers of Central Department Strore, Hedgren and FitFlop. The three-hour long, two-part talk show kicked off with some tips on personal branding and why it matters; while the second focused on total look (color coordination, mix-and-match, fabrics, fit, cut, etc.) and how the appearance is very important in supporting personal branding.


The 2nd and 3rd legs of the Hedgren Head-turners will take place in Metro Department Store and Lotte Shopping Avenue, respectively within the next couple of months. Dates are to be finalized.


For more information about Hedgren in Indonesia, follow them on Instagram @hedgren.indonesia or e-mail Ken Co at ken.co@primergrp.com or Regina Patricia at  regina.patrcia@primergrp.com

Contributed by: Salli Sabarrang, PT Yuna Asia