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Professional Coach Soccer Board - Futsal

Professional Coach Soccer Board - Futsal
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Dimana dalam coach board ini dilengkapi dengan biji magnetic, pulpen serta kertas dan denah lapangan untuk mempermudah penyusunan strategi dalam permainan dalam tim.

- Smooth Alignment : Carefully Sew the Corners of the line, not slit, durable
- Magnetic Accessories : With Different color magnetic pen, you can mark the offensive and defensive routes, with a magnetic plate wipe more convenient
- Bright Colors : Colorful venue map colorful fashion, contrast, conducive, to the layout of the coach’s tactics
- Convenient to carry : Intimate Design with a hook with the middle hook, easy to carry use.
- Magnetic Pieces : Magnetic pieces, free to move, easily deployed troops, chess pieces of magnetic appropriate size, easy to move each time.

- Size: 28cm x 20cm dalam posisi tertutup dan 28xm x 40cm dalam posisi terbuka
Professional Coach Soccer Board - Futsal