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Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner - CVW1600PG

Rp 1.299.000
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Garansi Resmi Distributor Indonesia Selama 1 Tahun
Fitur utama dari Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner - CVW1600PG :
2-Step Rug Floor Nozzle
Large Wheels
Telescopic Pipe
Twist-Free Hose
Blower Function

Clean Air with Nano Titanium Filter

Cutting Edge Technology for a Powerful Antibacterial and Deodorizing Effect
Nano Titanium is the latest technology using TiO2 catalyst to maximize the effect of odor removal. Titanium Nano particles are very small (about 5 nm). If you imagine a globe diameter of 1 meter, then 5 nm is only about the size of a golf ball. Filter covered by these particles to capture simultaneously neutralize the odor.

- Powerful 1600W Vacuum Cleaner
- 5 Litre Dust Capacity with Dust Indicator
- Cloth Filter
- Plastic Pipe
- Tool Storage
- Blower Function
- Automatic Cord Rewind

- Dimensions : Length: 473 mm, Width: 276 mm, Height: 225 mm
- Motor Max. Power : 1,600
- Dust Capacity: 5 Litre
Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner - CVW1600PG